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Go from wasting hours, building a project approach that doesn’t work, to having something to move forward with, with confidence, in as little as 20 minutes!

True or false?….


  • You’re a professional project manager

  • You believe managing a successful project is impossible

  • You have hours of free time to manage your projects each week


If you answered TRUE, then it’s best we part ways now. Because Manager Project Mastery is not for you.

But, if you answered FALSE and you are known for your ability to just get things done,

And you want to FINALLY have some simple steps to follow to create the perfect plan with no specialized knowledge needed,

Then you are in the right place at JUST the right time.

Go you!

Why should you care who am I?….

The simple answer is, unless you are a manager who struggles to plan and manage projects, you probably shouldn’t.

But if you do and you want to know how someone who used to be a Manager and Director at several Fortune 500 companies and spent countless hours dedicating themselves to finding a simple way to also manage their side projects in a stress-less way and in as little as a few hours per week then this just might help you …

My name is Stephen Madsen and I am Business Project Coach. Pleased to meet you.

Introducing the 20 Minute Approach

Today is the day, in fact this MOMENT this is the very moment when you get to decide…

ONE- You can decide to stay as you are. Doing nothing differently, still looking to business coaches and consultants, and wondering if they will ever help you finally achieve mastery over your projects. How does that feel? Right, I think we both know. And it’s not happy.

TWO- You can gather your wits, suck it all up and decide to go it alone. YOU ARE AN ISLAND. You don’t need anyone else. Well you could probably actually could do this; I’m sure you’re more than capable and I’m as sure, as a lone manager can be, that it will be better than option one… but. Better is not what you’re looking for. True?

THREE- OR, or. You could fling those options on the scrap pile and instead get an introduction to everything you have ever needed to have project master by trying the “20 Minute Approach” mini master course to create a successful plan in as little as 20 minutes.

You can do this all without hiring an expensive consultant to do it for you. You can finally break free from weekly time wasting and use this approach to help manage that project in just a few hours each week. And the payoff is within a few weeks, even if your time is worth less than fifty bucks an hour.

I think we all know that 2 of those options are as dead as a dodo. So the choice is yours…and you’re the one who gets to either reap the benefits or live with the consequences and continue to be frustrated.

Module 1

A simpler way to view your projects and a quick start.

Module 2

Choose some really simple and available tools you already have.

Module 3

Follow a 3 step process to quickly build the first version of your plan.

Module 4

Now, follow a simple trick to launch, and the project is rolling.

Module 5

How to engage your team for the best actions to get your plan done.


Steps to follow each week – with a downloadable checklist.


What People Are Saying

“… extremely knowledgeable, and a creative thinker. … a two-man team as you seemed to get twice as much done than a normal person. You have done well providing or facilitating discussions with both executives and staff….”


“… an extremely gifted project manager – … intelligent, thoughtful and brilliant at adapting to the circumstances and personalities that come your way. You always responded to my concerns and requests in a timely manner, and sometimes even before I knew I had a concern!…” 


“… very knowledgeable and reliable, but also a leader with strong interpersonal skills and … ability to bring together any team for the best results possible resulting in a successful outcome of a project. … always engaged and fully committed to any project regardless of the challenges along the way. … always very professional and well respected by all the levels within the project teams .. as with the Executive Team …”


“By the time you complete the 20 Minute Approach mini master class, you will be feeling more confident and less stressed, and you’ll have way more time.”

Stephen Madsen, Creator of the 20 Minute Approach

This All Sounds Great But…

Question #1 How do I know this will work for me?

Answer #1  To ensure it works for everyone, there will be two live Q&A’s; so you can try it out and see where you have questions.

Question #2 But I learn by being hands-on, and then questions come up.

Answer #2 The final Q&A session is a few days after you have completed the modules, so you can do the hands-on, try it out and then come back with questions.

Question #3 How long will I have access to the course material?

Answer #3 You are always going to have access to that course, so you can go back to it whenever you want.

Question #4 If it works well for me, how do you have more training on all of the aspects of project mastery?

Answer #4 Yes, at the end of the 20 Minute Approach training there is more information if you want to go deeper and really get good at executing.

Question #5 Is there a guarantee?

Answer #5 Yes, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. 

Question #6 What if I have questions when I am doing the course work?

Answer #6 During the period of the mini-master class and up to the end of the 2nd live Q&A you can send any questions to and our team will jump on it and get back to you as soon as possible.

Question #7 Will Steve be live on the call or will it be someone else.

Answer #7 Steve will be live on the call, facilitating it. This is not a bait and switch. He has plenty of examples, case studies, and stories to share from managing 40+ projects, for 30+ different clients, and over 400 managers.

Question #8 What if I have questions after the last live Q&A?

Answer #8 At the end of the 20 Minute Approach training there are options for ongoing monthly help and/or deeper full transformation sessions.


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